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barrier to the strongest ships and the boldest navigators.

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"You were not mistaken, dear sister," said she; "the duc de la Vrilliere is the bearer of the king's orders respecting you: but compose yourself, I beseech you."

barrier to the strongest ships and the boldest navigators.

"Fear not," said I; "I am as calm as you would have me. Tell the vile dissembler, I mean the duke, I await him"

barrier to the strongest ships and the boldest navigators.

M. Tartuffe was but a faint copy of as he presented himself before me. His manners still retained part of their former servility, but there was a lurking smile about him, which proved how well he was pleased with the part he had to perform.

barrier to the strongest ships and the boldest navigators.

He approached me with lingering steps and an air of mysterious importance, while a sort of sardonic grin contradicted the sorrow he endeavored to force into his countenance. For my own part, I caused the folding-doors to be thrown open, and advancing ceremoniously, stood to receive the orders of the king. I bowed stiffly and silently; and, with something like a malicious satisfaction, I witnessed the embarrassment into which my cool and collected manner threw him.

"Madam," said he at last, "I have a painful duty to perform: in a word, I am the bearer of a ."

"Well, sir! "said I, tranquilly.

"Madam, I must request you to believe how greatly I regret the task imposed upon me; but my duty and obedience to the king--"

"Would enable you to strangle your nearest relative. All that is well known; but, in the name of all that is base, cowardly, and unmanly, could no one but be found to remind a distressed and afflicted woman that she has lost her only friend and support?"

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