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continent of the New World, which is still America, although

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"I had promised not to tell," answered she; "but if you insist upon it, I must confess, that I was persuaded by the prince de Conde and M. de Soubise to urge you to follow it."

continent of the New World, which is still America, although

"Do they then wish for my absence?" inquired I, angrily.

continent of the New World, which is still America, although

"Only for your own sake, dearest aunt."

continent of the New World, which is still America, although

"I thank them; but my resolution is formed to commit myself entirely to Providence in this melancholy affair."

The day passed on; and with feverish impatience I waited the arrival of the next courier: he came, at length, and confirmed my worst fears; the king was entirely given over by his physicians, and his dissolution was hourly expected. The letter containing this mournful tidings concluded thus:--

"I have just seen comte Jean, he is here incognito. We had entirely forgotten that passports would be necessary; however, I have now furnished him with four for England, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland. The count is far from partaking of your sense of security, and is wisely anxious (as I think) of shielding himself from the first burst of royal vengeance. The duchess has informed me of your refusal of an asylum at Deux Ponts; and, while I admire your courage, permit me to add, that you should rather have listened to the dictates of prudence than magnanimity under present circumstances."

The following morning, at an early hour, comte Jean entered my chamber, saying,

"I understand the king is dead; have you heard anything of it?"

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