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Shaanxi Snack Cake Pictures ➻➻Shaanxi Famous Snacks Zeng Cake

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➻➻This article will tell you about Shaanxi Snacks Zeng Cake Pictures and knowledge points corresponding to Shaanxi Famous Snacks Zeng Cake. I hope it will be helpful to you , don't forget to bookmark this site. List of catalogs in this article: 1. The difference between Zhen Cake and Zeng Cake 2. How to make Steamed Cake Cake 3. The authentic method of Zhen Cake tutorial iron retort. Ingredients: glutinous rice, red kidney beans, red dates, candied dates. Preparation time: A few hours in a large pot. Tableware: bowls, chopsticks. Zhen cake: cooking utensils: small wooden steamer. Ingredients: glutinous rice flour, rice flour, crushed peanuts, various jams. 2. For the entire Guanzhong area, Zeng Gao and Zhen Gao often refer to the same thing, that is, glutinous rice, kidney beans, and red dates are layered and steamed in a steamer. In Shaanxi dialect, Zeng Zeng is often pronounced as japonica or mirror , that is, the origin of "mirror cake" in Guandong and Xifu areas, and its official name in Shaanxi cuisine is steamer cake. 3. Jin cake with different materials: The materials used for Jin cake are glutinous rice, candied dates, peanuts, and raisins. Zeng Cake: The ingredients of Zeng Cake are glutinous rice, red dates or candied dates, and red beans. Different heating devices Jin cake: Jin cake requirements are simple, and can be heated by direct steaming. How to make steamed rice cake 1. Prepare the ingredients, soak the glutinous rice and kidney beans for at least half a day. Steam the soaked glutinous rice in a pan. Wash the red dates and steam the kidney beans for 40 minutes. Cut the steamed dates in the middle to remove the core, and cut the candied dates into pieces. 2. The last layer: red dates + raisins. Put the laid materials into the pot and steam for 2 hours on high heat, then turn to low heat and steam for half an hour. After 2 and a half hours, the zeng cake is ready. 3. If the container is slightly tilted, the water can be seen, and if it is not tilted, the water can not be seen. Cover it with plastic wrap, put it into the electric pressure cooker, adjust the time to the longest, a complete program, and then steam half the longest program, It takes a little longer to steam completely. The authentic Zeng Gao needs to be steamed overnight. 4. When steaming steamer cakes, put the steamer on a large pot, add water to the pot, and spread the soaked glutinous rice and red dates on the bottom of the steamer. Specifically, one layer of red dates should be spread first, and then one layer of glutinous rice should be spread. In this way, one layer is interposed, and a total of seven layers are laid (three layers of rice and four layers of dates). Cover with a damp cloth and pot lid after spreading. Authentic practice tutorial of Zhen Cake 1. Method: making Zong Cake in four steps: first soak rice, rice is glutinous rice, water is clear water, soak for a while, the rice heart is soaked, washed several times, remove foam, and drain water. Two packs of retorts, first jujubes and raisins, then rice, one layer at a time, with more layers than one layer, and finally a layer of red dates (candied dates) and raisins to close the top. 2. Ingredients: 300g of glutinous rice, 100g of red kidney beans, 250g of candied dates Steps: Soak the glutinous rice and kidney beans in advance. (Kidney beans need to be soaked longer) Cut the candied dates in half. 3. The authentic method of steamer cake is as follows: Main ingredients: 300 grams of glutinous rice, 50 grams of red dates, 50 grams of peanuts, 50 grams of raisins, and 50 grams of red kidney beans. Steps: Soak the ingredients in advance. Soak glutinous rice, red kidney beans, and peanuts for at least 6 hours in advance; cut red dates in half, remove the pits, and soak for 1 hour in advance. 4. Prepare raw materials: choose long-grain glutinous rice with good viscosity, and round grains have a sweeter taste; choose according to personal preference, choose flower kidney beans or red kidney beans for kidney beans, soak kidney beans in cold water for more than 12 hours, kidney beans must be soaked thoroughly, otherwise it will be difficult to steam cooked. 5. The practice of Shaanxi snack-Zeng Cake (homemade version) Soak red beans in water for 3 hours in advance. Soak kidney beans in water for 3 hours in advance. Soak the prepared glutinous rice and japonica rice in water for 3 hours in advance. Wash the red dates and raisins and set aside, and the rock sugar is ready. This is the end of the introduction to the pictures of Shaanxi snacks Zeng cake and Shaanxi famous snacks Zeng cake. Did you find the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to bookmark and follow this site.

Shaanxi Snack Cake Pictures ➻➻Shaanxi Famous Snacks Zeng Cake

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