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and exchanged but a few words with Tom Turner. It did not

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"At any rate, monsieur la Martiniere, you will not alarm the king needlessly."

and exchanged but a few words with Tom Turner. It did not

"Nor lull him into a false security," answered the determined La Martiniere. "But what is his malady have you seen him, doctor Bordeu?"

and exchanged but a few words with Tom Turner. It did not

"Then why do we linger here? Your servant, ladies and gentlemen."

and exchanged but a few words with Tom Turner. It did not

The medical men then departed, accompanied the duc de Richelieu.

La Martiniere causes the king to be removed to Versailles--The young prophet appears again to madame du Barry--Prediction respecting cardinal de Richelieu--The joiner's daughter requests to see madame du Barry--Madame de Mirepoix and the 50,000 francs--A < soiree > in the salon of madame du Barry

We continued for some minutes silently gazing on the retreating figures of La Martiniere and his companions.

"Come," said the marechale, "let us return to the house"; saying which, she supported herself by the arm of comte Jean, whilst I mechanically followed her example, and sadly and sorrowfully we bent our steps beneath the splendid colonnade which formed the entrance to the mansion.

When I reached my chamber, I found mademoiselle du Barry there, still ignorant of the alarming news I had just learned. She earnestly pressed me to return to bed, but this I refused; for my burning anxiety to learn every particular relative to the king would have prevented my sleeping. How different was the style of our present conversation to that of the preceding evening; no sound of gaiety was heard; hushed alike were the witty repartee, and the approving laugh which followed it. Now, we spoke but by fits and starts, with eye and ear on the watch to catch the slightest sound, whilst the most trifling noise, or the opening of a door, made us start with trepidation and alarm. The time appeared to drag on to an interminable length.

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