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If Uncle Prudent and Phil Evans wished to bury in the most

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"Marry, come up!" said Gascoyne; "an I were not thy friend, I would let thee jog thine own way. It aches not my bones to have thine drubbed."

If Uncle Prudent and Phil Evans wished to bury in the most

Just then they entered the chapel, and words that might have led to a quarrel were brought to a close.

If Uncle Prudent and Phil Evans wished to bury in the most

Myles was not slow to see that he had the ill will of the head of their company. That morning in the armory he had occasion to ask some question of Blunt; the head squire stared coldly at him for a moment, gave him a short, gruff answer, and then, turning his back abruptly, began talking with one of the other bachelors. Myles flushed hot at the other's insulting manner, and looked quickly around to see if any of the others had observed what had passed. It was a comfort to him to see that all were too busy arming themselves to think of anything else; nevertheless, his face was very lowering as he turned away.

If Uncle Prudent and Phil Evans wished to bury in the most

"Some day I will show him that I am as good a man as he," he muttered to himself. "An evil- hearted dog to put shame upon me!"

The storm was brewing and ready to break.

That day was exceptionally hot and close, and permission had been asked by and granted to those squires not on duty to go down to the river for a bath after exercise at the pels. But as Myles replaced his arms in the rack, a little page came with a bidding to come to Sir James in his office.

"Look now," said Myles, "here is just my ill- fortune. Why might he not have waited an hour longer rather than cause me to miss going with ye?"

"Nay," said Gascoyne, "let not that grieve thee, Myles. Wilkes and I will wait for thee in the dormitory--will we not, Edmund? Make thou haste and go to Sir James."

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