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We shall be lost in the end. It is thus a case of legitimate

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"I have not the slightest doubt of it; I have known him for many a day. He remembers the scene of Metz, and looks upon you as

We shall be lost in the end. It is thus a case of legitimate

forming the second edition of the poor duchesse de Chateauroux, who, by the by, was not equal to you in any respect."

We shall be lost in the end. It is thus a case of legitimate

I burst into a fit of tears, but not of regret for having allowed my late interview with the king to pass in so unprofitable a manner. However, the marechale, misconceiving the cause of this burst of grief, exclaimed, "Come, come; it is too late now, and all your sorrow cannot recall the last half-hour. But, mademoiselle du Barry," continued she, "I advise you to commence your packing up at once, that when the grand move comes you may not in your hurry, leave anything behind you."

We shall be lost in the end. It is thus a case of legitimate

These remarks increased my affliction, but the marechale had no intention of wounding my feelings, and worldly-minded as she was, considered all that could be saved out of the wreck as the only subject worthy attention. Meanwhile, comte Jean, with a gloomy and desponding air, continued silently with folded arms to pace the room, till all at once, as if suddenly struck by the arguments of madame de Mirepoix, he exclaimed,

"The marechale is right"; and abruptly quitted the apartment, as if to commence his own preparations.

Ere madame de Mirepoix had left me and she remained till a late hour, the ducs d'Aiguillon and de Cosse arrived, who, although less experienced in their knowledge of the king's character, were yet fully of her opinion respecting my last visit to him.

Scarcely had these visitors withdrawn, than I was apprized that the chancellor of France desired to see me. He was admitted, and the first glance of the countenance of M. de Maupeou convinced me that our day of power was rapidly closing.

"Your servant, cousin," said he, seating himself without the smallest ceremony; "at what page of our history have we arrived?"

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