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How to play the big shark game console➻➻I want to play the big shark game

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➻➻This article will tell you how to play the big shark game console, and the corresponding knowledge points for me to play the big shark game. I hope it will be helpful to you Don't forget to bookmark this site. A list of the content of this article: 1. How to hit the big fish with the deep sea hunting game machine, and how many shots should be strengthened? 2. How to play the super big shark 3. What are the skills for playing the 99 shark machine 4. How to use the Variety Shark King game machine 5. Precautions for the Great White Shark game console 6. How to use the Shark Story game console and precautions The method is also related to the number of points earned by the sharks themselves: if everyone doesn’t shoot sharks very much (each family can give up to 2~3 shots), sharks often have several scenes in a row without a single one. Then, after a certain scene is willing to download, download many items at a time. 2. There are some slow-moving fish, lanterns, devils, turtles, etc. around the turret. Basically, they all give you points. As long as you adjust the angle and level and continue to fight, you can basically win. 3. After upgrading to two levels, you can consider using level 7 gun net fish. Because it is too long and boring to rely on Xiaoyu to complete the upgrade, so just forget to upgrade the system at this time. How to play Super Shark 1. First, open "Medusa Shark" and log in to the player's personal account to enter the game. Next, click Settings in the upper right corner. Finally, select Custom Settings and that's it. 2. I have never played it~ but I think pure machinery should be able to make it. The energy storage is completed when the shark's mouth is opened by hand, and the energy is stored in the machine spring. 3. When the fishing score reaches 500,000, you can unlock the mysterious area and sharks! There are ROBO SHARK (robot shark), ICE SHARK (frozen shark), and ELECTRO SHARK (electric shock shark). 4. Gameplay: Players only need to control the shark to forage freely in the ocean to ensure that it will not starve to death. But don't be eaten by other big sharks. Players will also die if they are attacked. What are the skills of playing 99 shark machines? To observe whether it is a good time to catch sharks generally depends on two points. One is whether there are sharks connected to the game machine, and the other is how many times the game machine is played when it is beaten. If you can play the big shark game machine continuously, and the number of shots fired is relatively small, it means that you have to increase the output to fight the shark at this time. When beating a tortoise, neither the head nor the tortoise's shell can be broken through. The limbs and tail are its weaknesses. It is better to attack the tortoise from the back and the side. When shooting sharks, the head, body, and tail cannot be broken. Mainly shoot gills, front and rear fins, and try to upgrade to level 4 shells. First open the shark game console and find the rocket aircraft to unlock. Secondly, complete the tasks that the rocket vehicle needs to complete. Finally, get gems through games or watching free videos, and use gems to unlock the shark machine directly. Master the timing of firing: In the game, the proper timing of firing is very critical. According to the law of the fish formation, choose the best time. You can observe the movement law of the fish array first, and wait until the fish array is dense before firing. Master point shooting skills: point shooting is the most basic technique in the game, and it is also one of the most important skills. Hungry Shark Evolution The ferocious big shark in this game can eat anything, and the oily big shark that just entered the game will not make you so lucky. The early sharks and big crabs cannot be eaten. Fishing, fishing, catching fish, net fishing, skills, strategies. How to play, fishing master game machine When we fish, we usually find some very slow-moving fish, lanterns, devils, and turtles around the turret There are, those are basically all for you to give points, as long as you adjust the angle and level and play continuously, you can basically win. The usage guide of the Variety Shark King game console searches for the required software through the mobile app store and downloads and installs it. Search for the required software to download and install through the mobile phone browser (if the built-in browser, the downloaded installation package is saved in the My Files-Download folder). Download and install the required programs through third-party assistant software. The input method has developed very powerful whether it is on the computer or on the mobile phone, but the error correction function is not enabled by default, and it is not so worry-free to use, so it is recommended to enable it as needed. Precautions for the great white shark game console Universal great white shark game console skills How to play the great white shark game console, + bit new + shangfen01.いました.ネット卖売内容に入り, club product sales. Feedback refers to the process in which the output of the system returns to the input through a certain way. When the game machine is working, it can directly emit high-frequency electromagnetic waves from the outside. There is a point-giving integrated block on the main board of the game machine. Divide the integrated block, let the upper divided integrated block short-circuit the game machine and the game machine will automatically increase the score. First, make sure that the hardware is fine. If there is nothing wrong with the speaker and the sound card, if you have tested it on his machine and it is in good condition, then you can continue to read. Make sure all connections are correct. Then turn on the power of the speaker and turn on the volume switch. The great white shark game machine is an innovative entertainment connection machine. Up to 16 units can be connected. The screens are all produced according to the requirements of the entertainment machine and meet the policy requirements. It can be used on high-definition fighting machines, high-definition mahjong machines, and Landlords, and it is equipped with a dedicated console, which can only identify which model is used without any adjustments. ⒊Adjustable maximum and minimum bet points. 4. There are functions of half ratio, double ratio, and ghosts in the ratio of 3, 4, and 5 times. How to use the Shark Story game machine and precautions 1. How to use the generator big shark game machine: add oil to the generator, add diesel oil, and add water if it is a water-cooled diesel generator. Turn the power transfer switch on the side box of the diesel engine or on the control panel of the generator set to the on state. 2. Please use the manufacturer's original power supply. Host power parameters. (Inner positive and outer negative, 12V, 3A or more) 2: Regardless of whether you need to vote or return coins, you must correctly set the coin ratio, which must match the actual game coin value. 3. If not, please connect all the extensions to the main unit. After the power is turned on, you can repay the main unit twice and return to zero. This is the end of the introduction about how to play the big shark game console and I want to play the big shark game. Did you find the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to bookmark and follow this site.

How to play the big shark game console➻➻I want to play the big shark game

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