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convenient conditions for observation. Unfortunately, heavy

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"Holy Saints!" cried Edmund Wilkes. "They will kill him."

convenient conditions for observation. Unfortunately, heavy

Blunt struck two more blows, both of them upon the body, and then at last they had the poor boy down, with his face upon the ground and his arms pinned to his sides, and Blunt, bracing himself for the stroke, with a grin of rage raised a heavy clog for one terrible blow that should finish the fight.

convenient conditions for observation. Unfortunately, heavy

"How now, messieurs?" said a harsh voice, that fell upon the turmoil like a thunder-clap, and there stood Sir James Lee. Instantly the struggle ceased, and the combatants scrambled to their feet.

convenient conditions for observation. Unfortunately, heavy

The older lads stood silent before their chief, but Myles was deaf and blind and mad with passion, he knew not where he stood or what he said or did. White as death, he stood for a while glaring about him, catching his breath convulsively. Then he screamed hoarsely.

"Who struck me? Who struck me when I was down? I will have his blood that struck me!" He caught sight of Blunt. "It was he that struck me!" he cried. "Thou foul traitor! thou coward!" and thereupon leaped at his enemy like a wild-cat.

"Stop!" cried Sir James Lee, clutching him by the arm.

Myles was too blinded by his fury to see who it was that held him. "I will not stop!" he cried, struggling and striking at the knight. "Let me go! I will have his life that struck me when I was down!"

The next moment he found himself pinned close against the wall, and then, as though his sight came back, he saw the grim face of the old one- eyed knight looking into his.

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